60 second films

Effective short-form video content that promotes your brand, business, product or services — produced by breathingjuice.com
Additional services available such as motion graphics, multiple locations, interviews, script writing and voiceover.

Our process

1) Online questionnaire

The first step in our process is to find out what you'd like to showcase in your video

2) Meetup

Then let's meet up, in person or on a video call, to chat though your requirements

3) Planning

Together we can workout a simple storyboard and plan a short filming session

4) Filming

We will capture all of the footage as well as discuss title treatments

5) Editing

We will then edit everything together with some music and add some captions

6) Check list

It's now ready for review. We'll create a small checklist of amendments...

7) Completion

...and once they're ticked off, your 60 second film is complete

60 second film for life:lab

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